I’ve been thinking about work today! Especially work related to working out and school work. Having used some of my time at work to reflect on the past I realized it doesn’t matter how smart you are, or how fit you are. It’s all about how much work your willing to do to get good grades or make some gains at the gym! Recently I was studying for an exam and I noticed that shutting myself in the library was all I need to do to succeed. I needed to focus and put in the work time and time again! I had to make flash cards and the read and review them till they became second nature. Even in the gym I noticed it was all about the work I put in. Not only the work one time but work on a consistent regimented basis. Having a routine is key and I have incorporated that into my workout and now into my school work. So if your sitting at home looking at a bad exam grade or sitting on the couch thinking of how good you want to look when you walk on the beach remember this. Goals are not achieved by brilliance or raw ability and skill! Goals are achieved by consistent hard work and determination! And most of all Goals are reached by you; Not by the phone you’re cheating off of or the cheap artificial supplements your hoarding into your body. It’s all about YOU! And yes at some point you will need help! You will fail! But cheating and ingesting a bunch of crap will never get you to your goals. What will get you to your goals is consistent hard work!